Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"How-to-write" books

Lacking an education or background in writing, I relied heavily on my local library to assist in my efforts.  I found many books on how to write non-fiction - some good, some not so useful. I discovered there is no silver bullet - no single book that says it all.  Search for a "how-to" book that strikes a chord with you -one that is relevant to your work.

I also found it extremely helpful to go back and read a second round of "how-to-write-non-fiction" books once I was well into my project.  The information sunk in much more easily and made more sense.  I was able to edit my work with a whole new set of professional tools.


KT and Lady said...

Yea, everything looks good. Posts are nice, but your profile needs to be rewritten. Don't forget to begin the habit of assigning labels to your posts.

rookiewriter said...

Remind me, what is the purpose of labels?